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A Guide to the BABOK, ver. 3 of IIBA® in Custom Diagrams.

Обновлено: 19 нояб. 2018 г.

Some time ago I obtained next level of certification in Business Analysis - CBAP® of IIBA®. I am ready to share the diagrams I created while studying a Guide to the BABOK, the 3rd version. They were designed for personal usage; though, I found them quite helpful for deep learning, visual memorizing and seeing the full picture. I claim they are highly accurate. I would recommend to print them on a separate slips of paper and pin to the wall for regular reference while reading BABOK. Whereas I am not planning to invest in polishing them any further (I believe that they can serve well their purpose in the current state and level of details), your feedback is very welcome.

High level view of all the tasks:

Тренинги от "Art of Business Analysis":

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