Вопросы. Экзамен CBAP/CCBA. Пример 6.

Пост обновлен 4 янв. 2019 г.

В этот раз приведу пример кейса, к которому ставятся сразу несколько вопросов.

GMR Realty is a growing realty company that focuses on business properties outside of central areas. It specializes in matching up buyers and sellers of summerhouses, spa-centers, bed & breakfasts and other types of small businesses located in or around mid to small size towns. GMR Realty has been in business for several years and has achieved significant growth while interest rates have been low. However, they know that low interest rates will not always remain, and they want to leverage technology to compete against larger commercial and residential realty companies. Customers: GMR Realty has two types of customers spread throughout Great Britain: buyers and sellers. Sellers include those who are often downsizing after raising a family or retiring and want something smaller and easier to manage. Buyers could be any person or business. Buyers and sellers pay for the services utilized, such as contractual assistance, realtor assistance and then pay the appropriate fees to the lenders. GMR receives 1.2% of the total selling price of the property at closing.

Business Goals, Objectives, and Requirements: GMR Realty would like to grow substantially to be able to compete with larger national firms. They want to increase their market share by 15% in the next year and decrease the time for their sale and purchase process from an average of 20 days down to 10 days. GMR Realty has determined that a self-service website will help them meet these goals and objectives by providing a communication vehicle for buyers and sellers of real estate to meet and share information. The applications will support all aspects of a real estate sale and also supply advice