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Workshop for business analyst
"BA Underlying Competences"


"Business Analyst Underlying Competencies" workshop provides participants with an overview of the essential underlying skills of a successful business analyst. The workshop is split into 3 logical parts, each containing a solid theory, proven principals and best practices followed up with the practical tasks and self-assessment forms. Furthermore, each part of the workshop contains an outline of the possible ways to develop the BA core competencies. The workshop can be considered as a start point for newbie business analysts and a great tool to discover areas of improvement for experienced business analysts.

This workshop is focused on the following underlying competencies:
  • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

  • Behavioural Characteristics

  • Communication Skills & Interaction Skills

Three units contain
  • self-assessment form

  • practical tasks for testing competences

  • description of the ways of developing their core competencies - books, trainings, practical assignments.

Target Audience

Business analysts, product managers, requirements engineer, business architect, product owner, HR specialists participating in the business analysts recruitment.


7 hours 


Тренинг, бизнес-анализ, IIBA 

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